What is cornerstone content and why should you use it?


what is cornerstone content

If you’re planning your content marketing strategy, you’ll likely come across many phrases you may not have heard of before, such as cornerstone content. In this blog, we’re answering the question, what is cornerstone content, and when should you use it?

Planning your content marketing strategy

Your content marketing strategy can cover many elements. Some of the most popular content types used are blogs and social media posts.

Assessing your goals

The first step to planning any new strategy is to identify your business goals – what do you want to achieve from a new strategy? Having an understanding of your goals can help you to make better decisions for your business.

It is also useful to set KPIs (key performance indicators) so that you can clearly monitor the progress of any campaigns.

Which content works?

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have to experiment with your content. This means seeing which content your target audience is most likely to engage with.

When you establish which content performs best, don’t just post that, as your audience will likely become bored and stop interacting. You have to post a range of relevant content types for maximum engagement. Find out the importance of using different content.

If you’ve already had a content strategy in place and are just looking to refresh it, you should look at which types of content have performed well for you in the past. These content types should be fed through to your new strategy to keep your audience engaged.

Using a content calendar

Planning your content strategy takes time, and you might not get it 100% right straight away. But that’s okay – it’s all about learning which content engages your audience.

It can be helpful to create a content calendar to stay organised. Within your content calendar, you should include the platform being used, the content type and when it should be scheduled for. Using a shared calendar is a great idea so that multiple people can contribute.

When thinking about blogging, consider how often you have time to create a new post. Many business owners struggle to find the time to write, edit and upload regular blog posts.

We offer a fantastic SEO copywriting service to take the pressure off you. We’ll identify relevant titles and create engaging blog post content, and when you’re happy with the content, we’ll even add it to your website following SEO best practices.

benefits of cornerstone content

What is cornerstone content?

Blogging can work wonders for your SEO strategy. Essentially, you’re creating quality content that should be answering the question of your end user. If they’re searching online and your site gives them the answer, they’ll likely return and may even choose to purchase from you or work with you on a project.

Cornerstone content involves writing great content and having a fantastic internal linking structure in place.

Before you start creating blogs for your website, you should conduct in-depth keyword research. This research will help you to find relevant blog titles for your website.

Cornerstone content is essentially longer forms of writing where many other blogs can be linked within it. Cornerstone content should never become outdated, so the content needs to be relevant all the time. You can always go in and update parts if you need to.

Cornerstone content aims to provide complete information regarding an important topic. The content written in these articles should position you as an expert rather than try to sell your products and services.

When should you use cornerstone content?

You should use cornerstone content when you know you are covering a large topic that can easily be linked with various aspects of your business. For example, you might write an article about caring for your hair but then include internal links to other posts on your site, such as ‘caring for short hair’ or ‘caring for hair in winter’. You may have identified these as relevant keywords for your website. There are plenty of cornerstone content examples; you just have to find the ones that are highly relevant to your website.

When writing your cornerstone article, you need to be aiming for longer content writing. This means having at least 1000 words in your cornerstone articles. Longer articles are easier to rank on search engines as they are generally more informative and valuable.

What are the benefits of creating cornerstone content?

There are many great benefits of creating cornerstone articles, here are just a few.

  • Helps to improve your SEO
  • Internal linking can be approached naturally
  • Attracts relevant site visitors who may turn into customers
  • Improves brand awareness as you appear as an expert
when to use cornerstone content

Great tips for creating cornerstone content

Creating new content is an exciting process! At first, writing long content that keeps users engaged may seem tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it.

  • Select a particular topic for your cornerstone content
  • Conduct keyword research – find competitive keywords and target keywords
  • Get planning and then create cornerstone content that you want to rank!
  • Optimise the cornerstone article for search engines – include a focus keyword, title tag and images for visual appeal. Always avoid keyword stuffing if you want to increase brand authority and get more traffic.
  • Share cornerstone articles far and wide – on social media, emails etc.
  • Monitor and maintain – keep your cornerstone post up to date, you don’t want it to become old and irrelevant; it needs to be known as ‘evergreen content’.

As a business owner, you may find it challenging to find the time to write your own content, but that’s not a problem. Take a look at our copywriting service to see how we can help you create engaging content that appears in search engine results.

We hope this article has been useful to you regarding great cornerstone content. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support with your copywriting or content marketing strategy. We’re more than happy to help.