The importance of using different content


Importance of using different content

Creating a content marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important for businesses due to it saving time in the future and allowing you to grow your brand more effectively. In this blog, we’re telling you the importance of using different content.

There are so many content variations that you can utilise within your marketing strategy, some include videos, blogs, infographics and more. With so many options to choose from, it makes perfect sense to utilise a wide range rather than sticking to just one type.

So why is it important to use different content?

Imagine yourself as a customer

Do you think you’d enjoy seeing the same content over and over again? It’s a good idea to think about the content that you would engage with and try to replicate that in your own style. This content can be on social media or on your website. It is likely that your customers will be interacting with your social media content more than your website content so bear this in mind. People may also be more willing to share your content across other platforms which means you’re likely to reach even more potential customers.

Search engine optimisation

It’s not all about the way that your content looks but also about how well received it is by the search engines. Search engines favour content that varies, so it’s a good idea to create blogs, videos and more. Search engines also favour content that is relevant so make sure that you’re including important information in meta descriptions and tags. By regularly updating the content on your website, the search engines will naturally reward your work.

Think aesthetics

One way to ensure that your social media channels are aesthetically pleasing is to have a plan in place. Having a plan means that you are able to be consistent with your branding. For example, maybe every Friday you do the same kind of post in various styles. If people happen to find you on social media then it’s likely they will end up visiting your page, having an organised grid is a sure way to impress from the get go.

Quality reminders

We’re all living busy lives and therefore sometimes it’s necessary for businesses to remind their customers that they’re still there. This can be done through a simple post or story on social media advertising a product or service that you sell. You never know when a customer might be looking for exactly what you sell.

Multiple purposes

Not only is different content usually more interesting but it opens up more opportunities for your business. Content types such as videos allow you to give your brand a more personal feel, whether you’re doing a sit down chatty video or you’re showing a behind the scenes of the office, consumers are highly likely to enjoy the content and interact.

Above all, switching up your content is just a great idea, it’s more interesting for followers and website users and can really help to build up a brand name. If you’d like any help with your content, please don’t hesitate to contact us.