What is content marketing?


What is content marketing

Content marketing is important for many businesses. Content marketing has been around for longer than the internet and is associated with storytelling, which is why blogs and videos are popular forms of content. In this blog we’re telling you what content marketing is.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is essentially any piece of content that you create for your business. This content doesn’t need to sell to your audience, but it should spark interest.

A content marketing strategy is an ongoing and long term process and it can be planned in advance. However, if you decide to plan your content in advance, you will need to ensure that you keep up with news to ensure that your content is sensitive to situations that may occur.

What types of content can I use?

Here are just a few popular content types that businesses can use for promotional purposes:

What are the benefits of a content marketing strategy?

Ongoing strategy

Like we said, content marketing is an ongoing process that can be used as a business reminder for potential and previous customers. When beginning your content marketing journey, it is very important to remember that you will not see results overnight.

SEO & higher authority

You may not be aware of how much frequent content uploads can impact your website’s authority on the search engine. Google has admitted that websites that update their content regularly often rank higher on the search engine results page. This is why it is a good idea to upload relevant content to your website as well as social media accounts. Why not create videos to answer any frequently asked questions rather than just using text.

Save money

Of course it takes time to regularly create content but it can be free if you feel as if you can do a good job of it yourself. If you’re not feeling too confident with creating all of your own content, there are plenty of marketing agencies that can help you.

Increased brand awareness

Regularly posting content that clearly follows your branding gives you the opportunity to share your brand’s personality. If users are frequently seeing brand features such as logos then they are sure to remember you when the time comes to purchase a product that you may offer.

What to think about before you start your marketing strategy?

Before you begin, you must think about what it is that you want your content to achieve. Most businesses don’t use this strategy to sell their products but rather to remind users of their business so that when the time is right, they will be more likely to think of your business rather than your competitor’s business.

If you need any help creating a content strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help.