Keeping your website content relevant


Keeping your website content relevant

Having a website is really important and has been for a number of years. If you’ve had your site for a long time, chances are you have a lot of content on there that may not even be relevant anymore. While it’s good to show that your business has been utilising online services for a while, leaving old posts with little relevance could be damaging your site’s SEO. This blog is all about keeping your website content relevant.

Why should I keep my content relevant? 

It is very important to ensure that content is current. Regularly updating the content on your website will really benefit your SEO. Search engines are clever enough to notice when you have uploaded new content or updated existing content. This confirms to the search engines that your site is still active and therefore they are more likely to promote your site before other inactive websites. 

Content on your website can be anything from images and videos, blog posts and just general text. All of these should be updated regularly, for example, each time you have your website redesigned, however, you should pay particular attention to your blog posts. Blog posts often contain lots of information and they generally report on current industry news. This means that over time, the information that has been provided often becomes outdated. 

How can you keep your website content relevant? 

Update high traffic posts

Before you start updating every single blog that’s published on your website, you should research into your analytics and find out which blogs have the highest traffic. Once you’ve found the top performing blogs, you can start to update them. Rewording these blogs and ensuring the content is relevant will mean that the level of traffic should continue to increase.

Link to your other blogs

When you have a high number of published blogs, often older blogs can disappear. It’s a good idea to provide links to your older blogs if they are relevant to your newer content. Providing a simple link at the end of the blog can generate a lot more traffic. If users are interested in your other blogs then it means they will be spending more time on your website, which search engines will also reward you for. 

Remove outdated posts 

Like we said earlier, having a website for a long time means that it’s normal for your content to build up. If you read one of your blog posts and it sounds extremely outdated and hasn’t generated much traffic, then it might be a good idea to remove the post altogether. Make sure you’re doing research into search queries within your industry and you should start to generate more traffic on your blog posts. 

Turn 2 blogs into 1 

If you have previously published two blogs around the same topic, why not try and merge them? With more relevant information you may increase the chances of your website showing up for your chosen search query. Ensure that your title is direct and utilises relevant keywords in order to gain a good ranking position. 

Ensuring that your website’s content is relevant is really important for your site’s SEO and therefore it’s position on the search engine. If you need any further advice on keeping your website content relevant, don’t hesitate to contact us.