Ensuring your business has a good online presence through COVID-19


Ensuring your business has a good online presence through COVID-19

With a second national lockdown upon us in England, you may be feeling worried about your business and wondering what you can do during this time. Having an online presence has never been so important or easy. In today’s blog, we’re helping you with ensuring your business has a good online presence through COVID-19.

Having an online presence doesn’t mean that your business needs to be everywhere, it just means that you need to be visible to both your existing customers and any potential new customers. It doesn’t matter how many social media platforms you are using if you’re not targeting the right demographic. Of course, being visible online doesn’t just mean that you can be found on social media, it involves your website, your content, interactions with customers and more. 

How to ensure your business has a good online presence through COVID-19

Connect with customers

Don’t just post content to your followers, connect with them. Many users like to interact with company posts through likes, comments and shares. When users interact, they usually want a response. Responding to your followers can really help to achieve brand loyalty, as users think you are giving them a more personalised experience.

Maintain your website 

Sometimes business owners can underestimate the power of a high quality website. A high quality website has an aesthetically pleasing design, is up to date, secure and provides a smooth customer journey. If your website is hard to navigate or it’s insecure, users will not feel comfortable entering personal information, which may be necessary for a purchase. As well as ensuring that your website is maintained, you need to ensure that it is optimised. This includes having a site that loads properly on all devices. 

Post regular content 

Posting regular content can be done anywhere, whether it’s on social media or on your own website, it will all help to improve your online presence. If you haven’t started blogging already, you definitely need to look into it. Blogging is a really easy way to educate internet users about your business. Another great thing about blogging is that you can share your posts freely on social media, therefore you’ve created content for multiple platforms in one go. 

Optimise for search engines

Search engine optimisation is key if you want to appear at the top of the search engine rankings. This includes ensuring that keywords are used throughout your site and that information regarding your business is kept up to date across various other internet platforms. 


Through these difficult times, we’ve seen lots of amazing businesses offering their services for free or with a heavy discount. If you do happen to collaborate with a business, why not shout them out? They might even do the same for you, which may help both of you to grow your online presence. During these times, it’s important to support businesses wherever you can. 

We hope that this blog has been helpful to those who need it most in these unprecedented times. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any further information on ensuring that your business has a good online presence.