Common digital marketing misconceptions


Common Digital Marketing misconceptions

Adaptations in digital marketing have allowed the world to connect on a completely different level, making it much easier to interact and connect with a wider audience. It’s easier because you can specifically target people that you know are interested in what your business has to offer them. Digital marketing is simply your online presence, including your website and social media. In today’s blog, we’re telling you the most common misconceptions that have been formed around digital marketing. 

Common digital marketing misconceptions

“My website’s design doesn’t matter”

Let’s imagine your website is your shop window, you want it to look good! People searching the internet are not going to stay on your site unless it looks impressive and tells them the information that they’re looking for easily, so making it look aesthetically pleasing is key. More and more customers are going online to purchase products and services now, so you should give them easy access to the information that they need before purchasing your product. This is a very damaging digital marketing misconception. 

“My competitors aren’t online, so why should I be?”

That’s the exact reason why you should get your business online. Your competitors are missing out on a huge opportunity by not having an online presence. Through being online, you make the lives of your customers much easier, they can read about what you have to offer whenever they want to. Compare that to your competitors who may still be relying on traditional marketing methods that just aren’t the most successful anymore. 

“My content doesn’t matter”

Content is extremely important for your business’ success. You should post content that is relevant and exciting for potential customers to read. This will not only impress your customers, but it’ll also really improve your site’s SEO. Search engines will rank your site higher if it provides people will answers to their queries, therefore your site will be visited more as it’s higher up the result’s page. Content should be updated often, whether that be descriptions on your site or blogs, you should aim to upload each week, that way the search engines know your site is active and you may start ranking higher up on the results page. 

“I don’t need to consider cross-platform”

Utilising each of the platforms available will really help you to boost your brand. Nowadays, it’s not as easy to just have a website, the world wants more. Potential customers like to see an active business before they make a purchase, social media is a great way to achieve this perspective. Social media is all about increasing your reach. Having people share your posts online to their followers is a great way to reach a wider audience. A great thing about social media is that you can directly interact with your customers through follows, likes and comments. Customers like this as it gives the impression that your business is more personal. 

“SEO is dead”

SEO is becoming more and more important to your company’s success. Without SEO, you will not appear at a high level on the search engines, which means your site will not show up as relevant for any search queries and people won’t visit your site. You should really take some time to focus on your SEO, it will bring you a lot of success in the long term. Whenever you’re creating content or updating your website’s text, you should be thinking with SEO at the front of your mind. 

“Digital marketing is not right for my industry” 

If you do it correctly, digital marketing can work for everyone. Everyone has access to the internet nowadays, so use it! It doesn’t matter what you sell, whether you’re B2B or B2C, find out what your potential customers want to know and share the information with them on various platforms. A key part of making digital marketing work for you is establishing your target audience. If you know that you want to target a specific demographic, think about the content they are likely to read and the platforms they are using to find that information, then create your own content based on that. 

“I don’t have time to sort my digital marketing” 

Digital marketing takes time to set up, but for the success it can bring you, it really is worth it. Set yourself some time aside to work out what’s relevant to post and create it. You can use paid scheduling sites so that there is less pressure to post at specific times. These sites allow you to choose a date and time in the future for your post to be shared. Consider the best uses of digital marketing for your business and utilise them accordingly. 

“My friend will sort out my marketing”

You might know people who can help you out with your marketing along the way, but it takes time, and that’s why sometimes it’s best to pass the project on to someone else. To market products and services correctly, you must invoke feelings of need for your potential customers, which means that each of your posts must be well thought out and be of high quality. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog regarding common digital marketing misconceptions. If you need any help with your digital marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.