What are the benefits of a company LinkedIn page?


benefits of a company Linkedin page

With so many social media platforms around, it’s tricky to determine which businesses should be where. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B and other professionals. In this article, we’re looking at the benefits of a company LinkedIn page.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a networking platform with a more professional approach. On LinkedIn, users are encouraged to share important updates, such as new career opportunities and promotions. In addition, this professional network can be used as an online portfolio for like-minded people to look at.

What is a LinkedIn company page?

A LinkedIn company page is similar to a personal LinkedIn profile. The company page allows you to post updates and share company news and details. LinkedIn pages provide numerous benefits.

Each LinkedIn company page requires an administrator with a personal profile to manage the page. A company page can also have multiple administrators to make page management easier. Company page admins can share posts and update business information.

How to create a company LinkedIn page

Creating a company page on LinkedIn is simple. First, log in to your personal LinkedIn profile. You’ll see a ‘work’ icon in the top right of the screen. By clicking this icon, you’ll see an option to create a company page.

This will allow you to add important company details, such as name, business address, company description and more. In addition, LinkedIn has recently given companies the ability to add their values and commitments to the page. This can increase interest on your page, particularly if you are hiring.

We recommend that you complete each of these steps to ensure maximum visibility on the platform.

LinkedIn company page

What are the benefits of a company LinkedIn page?

Promote the brand

As with many other social media platforms, LinkedIn can really help you to increase your brand awareness. For this to be successful, you’ll need to ensure that you are sharing high-quality content for potential customers to engage with.

Additionally, an important part of building brand awareness is to make sure that your brand strategy is consistent across all platforms. This means ensuring that the colour scheme, logo, fonts and general brand identity are the same.

You may struggle to build brand recognition and loyalty if you aren’t being consistent across marketing channels.

Promote job opportunities

LinkedIn is a great place for many businesses to share job openings they have. We mentioned that LinkedIn can be used as an online portfolio. This works for many industries, such as tech and creative.

Advertising jobs on LinkedIn is simple. All you need to do is click the ‘work’ icon and select ‘post a job’. This will allow you to enter the job details and description. Users can easily upload their CVs and see how many others have applied.

Targeting settings

If you’re struggling to reach your target audience, you could consider using LinkedIn. LinkedIn has some great targeting settings. You can specifically target users based on location, job title, the university they attended and more.

These options can be changed based on who your post is targeting. This is a great feature for businesses promoting a range of products and services.


Search engine optimisation doesn’t just occur on your own website, your social media accounts can help too! When a user searches for your company, it’s likely that your LinkedIn company page will show up in the Google search results. This can help you to improve your ranking on the search engines and therefore increase website traffic.

Lead generation strategy LinkedIn

Lead generation

LinkedIn gives business pages the ability to add lead-generation forms. This means users have easier access to your business’ services. The lead forms are a paid feature that you can attach to your company profile. The forms are easy to complete to encourage users to utilise them.

LinkedIn community

Of all social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to build a real community and relationship with followers. It’s likely that your ideal customers and other business directors will be following updates from your company. This provides you with an opportunity to present yourself as an industry expert.

LinkedIn works by encouraging conversation among users in the page’s news feed. This means you should aim to create content that sparks interest among your target market. Find out about LinkedIn Advertising.

Track success and visitor traffic

LinkedIn company pages feature a section dedicated to page analytics. This makes it easy for page admins to see the most successful content. When planning your content marketing strategy, you can be sure to include similar content for LinkedIn success.

We hope this article on the benefits of a company LinkedIn page has been useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need support with your social media strategy.