Supporting Wesley’s Cafe


Wesleys charity support

As you may already be aware, at Complete, we are always looking for ways in which we can support the local community and make a real difference. From charity donations to 24 hour hikes, there are plenty of ways to help those in need.

Recently, we were told about Wesley’s which provides food to those in need. An incredible team of volunteers make this possible by collecting donations and cooking warm, healthy meals for those visiting the cafe.

After hearing about the cafe, we felt compelled to assist them and the local community that benefits so greatly from their help. To support Wesley’s, we are going to be donating £500 every 6 months so that they can continue to operate in the amazing way that they do.

Our £500 donation will allow Wesley’s to buy food from a specialist food supplier, which will lead to them gaining around £3000 worth of food. This is even more impressive than we imagined and we feel so proud to be able to support such an amazing cause. Each volunteer works tirelessly to make a difference to the individuals and families utilising their services.

We’re really glad we can continue to support the local community in this way. You can find them at Church Road Methodist Church in St Annes.