Google’s Reviews Update 2023: What does it mean?



Google reviews update 2023

Google is constantly updating systems and algorithms to maintain a great experience for users. Every now and again, Google releases a core update with higher significance. In this blog, we’re looking at Google’s Reviews Update 2023 (April).

What is Google’s latest update, and when was it rolled out?

Google’s latest update is called the ‘Reviews Update’, which was rolled out on the 12th of April. As with all search engine updates, it will take some time to roll out and become effective. It is estimated that this update will take between 2 and 3 weeks to roll out completely.

Some may have already noticed changes on their websites following the April 2023 reviews update, but others may need to wait a little longer to identify any changes. Google announced another product reviews system update back in February 2023. This update included more languages in Google Search’s reviews system.

What does the Product Reviews Update mean?

Many assume the April 2023 reviews update is only concerned with third-party reviews; however, it can also include review content used on a product or services page. The review update includes any content created and published that encourages purchases or shows head-to-head comparisons between different products and services. The aim is to ensure the content is knowledgeable and educates website users. The update impacts those who create content globally, such as on your own website, blog, or on specific review sites.

You may have heard of Google’s EAT algorithm, which stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. In December 2022, Google updated the acronym to have a double E, adding experience as a key factor when providing analysis. The Reviews Update focuses on the experience aspect of the algorithm, highlighting the need to position yourself as an expert. Google has suggested some ways to achieve this, including the following:

  • Think about the content from a user’s perspective
  • Focus on the visual aspects of the content, use imagery etc.
  • Share quantitative measurements, including facts and figures from your own original research
  • Provide a balanced approach and share in-depth research from both sides
  • Focus on the essential parts of the content

These are recognised as signals of experience that Google will identify. As a result, Google will rank each website accordingly, so you may notice changes to your website’s ranking position because of this update.

Google updates ranking position

Tracking your website metrics

It’s vital that you keep an eye on your website’s performance, and there are many tools you can use to achieve this. Monitoring your website allows you to see what’s working well and what could be improved. Check out our blog on key website metrics and how to use them effectively.

What can I do to improve my ranking position?

In terms of the Reviews system update, you are best to wait until the update has completely rolled out before making changes. After this point, site owners may look to include more evidence-based content within their websites.

When creating new content, you should do so with experience in mind. Additionally, it may be useful for you to revisit older content, adding more evidence of experience to show that you are an expert in the industry. This may help settle any ranking fluctuations you experience due to the April 2023 reviews update. Leaving thin content on your website could lead to you being penalised as, according to Google’s review system, you may not be producing enough useful content. This can link to Google’s Helpful Content update.

Those who create content in the form of product reviews should be looking to provide evidence of a balanced argument and factual information. Examples have included writing a car review and including information regarding fuel economy. When reading high-quality reviews, this is the kind of information that would help users to make a purchase decision.


Generally speaking, there are many things you can do to improve your ranking position on the search engines. One way to achieve this is through investing in SEO. Search engine optimisation is a fantastic strategy to implement, and many techniques can be used. As a high-quality SEO agency, we utilise various on-site and off-site techniques to provide you with the best results and increase your organic traffic. SEO is a long-term strategy used to improve and maintain your website’s ranking position.

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Google’s aim with this Reviews system update is to ensure that content is helpful and honest. This will create a more positive experience for users who read high-quality reviews to make decisions. A huge benefit of working with a digital marketing agency is that they’re already aware of new industry developments and Google updates. In addition, an agency knows the best ways of dealing with these changes.

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