Becoming a Workplace Champion


Becoming a Workplace Champion

Our Managing Director recently completed a level 2 qualification to become a Workplace Champion through Business Health Matters. The course highlights the importance of maintaining a happy and healthy working environment for everybody.

The course provided insight into the role of a workplace champion, factors that affect mental and physical health, behaviour change principles, safeguarding and how to plan physical activity in the workplace.

The qualification will allow us to build motivation and increase efficiency within the team as we put our learning into practice.

Maintaining good health is very important for employees of all ages. Those who complete the course also gain access to a helpful support network with other Workplace Champions.

We recognise the importance of promoting health and well-being in the workplace and are always looking for ways to improve this. We feel extremely grateful that there is such a strong network in Lancashire that provides businesses with so many opportunities to grow and succeed.

Business Health Matters support businesses in Lancashire to develop happy and healthy working environments. Their business support focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of health. In addition to offering qualifications, they also offer business health checks for employees.