5 Signs your business needs a rebrand


signs your business needs a rebrand

Do you ever feel like your brand isn’t having the same effect as it used to? You’re probably not the only one. Trends are constantly changing, and your business might be too. In this blog, we’re telling you signs your business needs a rebrand.

You might have had the same brand strategy since you started your business or changed it a few years ago. Either way, it’s ok to admit that you feel it needs a change. However, you should make sure that you’re changing the branding for the right reasons.

Your brand is a very valuable asset and is more than just sleek logos and fancy fonts.

What is a rebrand?

A rebrand involves changing your brand identity. This has an impact on how consumers view your brand.

Your company branding is very important and involves many elements, including your logo, typography, colour scheme, brand message and brand experience. To create a successful brand, these should be consistent and perfectly encapsulate your brand’s essence.

Your brand experience is more than just a design element; it can even include how your employees answer the phone to customers. All of these brand elements combined impact how your brand appears to new and existing customers, which can affect brand loyalty.

Rebranding is a way of solidifying your brand mission and creating a new visual identity. Whether you choose to do that through a new logo design or clever taglines is up to you. The main aim is to create a strong brand that resonates with your target market.

How to complete a rebrand

How you complete your rebrand depends on many factors. For example, some businesses will change small elements of their branding, such as a logo, and others will decide to change everything.

Graphic design can be tricky, so it’s a great idea to look for a branding agency that can support your ideas and help bring them to life. A good branding agency can work with you to build a complete branding strategy based on your company values.

5 Signs your business needs a rebrand

What is your brand vision? Do you still feel passionate about your company’s branding? Does your brand message genuinely reflect what you have to offer? Is it time to rebrand?

Your brand doesn’t reflect your business anymore

It’s pretty common for a business to change direction, leading to a brand that longer represents a business’ core services. While there may still be a connection between your brand and your business, it’s loose, and you’ll want something more direct and memorable for the future.

Creating a cutting-edge brand identity can be a challenge, and it’s definitely something that most businesses set out to achieve. But unfortunately, sometimes businesses can miss the mark, leaving consumers confused and choosing to work with another brand instead.

Losing competitive advantage

New businesses are being formed every day, and some will likely become your competitors. That’s a natural part of business. This highlights the importance of keeping up with your competitors and maintaining an advantage over them.

If you can find a way to make your business stand out from the competition, more consumers will recognise you and likely choose you over them. In addition, consumers are more likely to remember strong brands, so position yours as one if you want to focus on business growth.

Not attracting the right audience

Every business has goals they want to meet by a certain time; by attracting the wrong customers, those goals can be at risk. For many companies, a customer is a customer, but attracting the opposite of what you expect can be problematic for some.

Sometimes having a new audience is not always a bad thing. Still, if it means altering your business model entirely and turning the business into something else, you may choose to assess your branding strategy.

The way that your brand communicates has to align with your values. So, for example, if you’re a luxury brand, you must use colours and fonts to support that. This will help you with brand positioning.

Make sure all your marketing collateral is created to attract your target audience; otherwise, your consumers can become confused.

Outdated branding

Some brand names last forever, and others become outdated. Either way, your brand name is one of the most important elements of your business. Your brand name will appear everywhere, on every document, platform, and website page.

Deciding on a new brand name is no easy task, so it might be a good idea to run some ideas past your friends, family, or even the wider community. Similarly, changing brand colours can also make or break a brand, so have some designs created and ask for feedback.

You don’t love your current brand strategy anymore

It’s ok to admit when something doesn’t feel right anymore. It doesn’t mean that your branding was poor; it just means that you need a change.

We’re guessing that your business is a big part of your life and something that you’ve spent a lot of time on over the years. So, we’re sure that you want to feel inspired by it every day!

A lack of inspiration can often lead to a lack of creativity and motivation, which is not how you want to feel about your business. Perhaps your brand refresh means changing the colour scheme or just your logo; the choice is yours.

Do you think it’s time to rebrand?

Our expert team of graphic designers can assist you with all things branding, from logo redesign to business cards and banners; we’ve got you! We’re happy to create brand visuals based on our own ideas if you’re unsure, and we can use your new branding as a base for all your digital marketing materials.

It’s completely normal to feel like your branding doesn’t quite serve your business as it once did. The best thing you can do is take your time, gather ideas and get in touch with us today.