Why now is a good time to increase your online marketing


Why now is a good time to increase your online marketing

We’re all going through it at the moment, times are different for everyone. We’re all spending a lot more time on the internet and getting used to what we now must consider ‘normal’. In today’s blog, we’re covering why now is a good time to increase your online marketing. 

Online marketing involves using web based channels to share messages to people. Using channels such as social media to promote your business means that you share a message with specific followers. Then they can then share your message further, meaning there’s potential that more people will see your posts.

Online marketing is very effective when it’s used correctly. One way you can ensure that you’re using it properly is to schedule your posts at times when your followers are more likely to see them. You can run a few tests to see when posts gain the most interaction and then try to post around that time regularly. 

People are definitely spending more time online, whether that’s on social media or browsing the web. If you’re posting frequently now, there’s more chance that people will come across your business. Make sure you have a strong online presence, so it’s your company users see and not your competitors.

Don’t be afraid of investing in marketing, itโ€™s likely to pay for itself in the long run. 

Marketing plans

Marketing plans are often finalised in advance and they generally don’t take into account situations such as the one we are currently facing. That means that while you should be altering your current online marketing, you will also need to look ahead and ensure that your future plans will still work effectively. 

The first hurdle you may have come across is your marketing budget, while a lot of online marketing is free, there are extras that you can pay for, such as SEO or PPC advertising. Depending on your industry, you may have planned to spend a lot more on your online marketing budget for this year, but right now, it’s all about your business’ demand. If you need to take a break from your online marketing, that’s not a huge problem, but cutting off marketing altogether can be extremely damaging to a company, so try to post online at least once a week. 

Your best marketing tool

Right now, your website is most likely your best marketing tool. It shows people exactly what you have to offer and may also feature a reviews page that will allow you to appear more trustworthy to new customers. A lot of your online posts should send people in the direction of your company’s website. Because of this, you need to make sure your site is secure, up to date and looks good. We’ve mentioned before how important it is that your website is easy to use and looks impressive. You wouldn’t want that to be the reason that you lose out on sales. 

Create quality content

Your followers will need to be reminded of your company to encourage them to purchase from you in the future. Staying fresh in people’s minds can be done easily through your content. It’s a good idea to create a couple of posts every week that will educate your followers. Itโ€™s also good to make them feel more positive about the situation, that’s what people want to see right now. If you don’t normally post content like this, don’t panic, the important thing is to alter your marketing, not give up on it. 

Be sensitive

Now more than ever, you need to be careful how you communicate with your customers. Be careful with how you word your posts because you’ll need to be sensitive. Consider the situation at your time of posting and don’t forget to consider the imagery of your posts too. 

Respond to customers

Take time to respond to comments on your social media, this may lead to higher engagement rates on your posts. People will enjoy seeing what you get up to during this time, whether that be working hard still or taking time out to take the dog for a walk, why not try out an Instagram live? 

We hope that this blog is helpful and if you need any support with your online marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.