Why a trustworthy website is important


Why a trustworthy website is important

Appearing trustworthy and credible can be tough for new businesses, this is because you are likely to be unknown in your industry. As people learn about your brand’s reputation, they will realise that they can trust your business. A trustworthy website is one that is well designed and has high security features. That small padlock icon in your web address does more than you think. This week’s blog is all about why a trustworthy website is important. 


Clients are unlikely to trust your website if there is no evidence of security. If your website has an online shop, it’s important to mention that your site is secure on the homepage and the checkout page. You will notice that some larger companies don’t specifically tell you that they’re secure, because as customers we just assume that they are. You should remember that a lot of your customers will not feel comfortable entering their personal information on a website that is not secure. 

Achieving the padlock in your URL bar is very simple. All you need to do is obtain the SSL certificate for your domain. 


Your business’ website is generally the first thing that a customer sees, therefore it needs to be impressive. A well designed website is key to keeping customers on your site and it puts you in a great position for more sales. Your website needs to be easy to navigate around and it needs to look good. A modern website will appear much more trustworthy than an outdated one. Your choice of colours, fonts and images will play a huge part in its design.

It’s a good idea to give your website a fresh appearance every few years to ensure that it remains appealing and efficient. As we quite often see, things begin looking outdated quite fast sometimes, thatโ€™s why you need to stay on top of your design and make sure it looks fresh.


Over time, your business will develop a reputation, obviously you’ll want this to be positive. In order to grow your reputation, you’ll have to share your client’s opinions on your business. You can encourage existing customers to write reviews for you and then share them on your social media channels. Most people won’t mind sparing a couple of minutes to share their thoughts on your service. 

If you enter any competitions or win any awards then post about them, this shows that your company is credible and also shows that you want to better yourself and your business. Or, if you decide to run a competition for your customers, make sure you ask the winner to share their experience, they should be more than happy to. 

Finer details

You must ensure that you have a contact method available, this can be a phone number, an email address, a live chat option, just make sure there is a way of clients contacting your business. People will be much more likely to purchase your product or service knowing that they can easily contact you if something is wrong or they need extra advice. 

If your business has been around for a number of years then make sure this information is available on your site’s homepage. A business that’s been around for many years is established and therefore likely to be trustworthy. 

It’s important to have a trustworthy website so that you can maximise sales and continue to grow in a positive way. If you need any advice then please get in touch.