What to expect from SEO in 2022


What to expect from SEO in 2022

With the new year in full swing, you may have been considering some new ways to work on your digital marketing and increase your online presence. In 2022, SEO is set to continue growing at a fast pace. This blog is what to expect from SEO in 2022.

What’s included in SEO?

SEO refers to search engine optimisation and one huge area of it is ensuring that your content is relevant and meaningful to the search engines. However, there are many other elements such as quality backlinks, page speed and security.

If you have not prioritised these elements on your website then maybe it’s time to take a look and you may find that your search engine ranking improves as a result. SEO is no easy task and it’s certainly not an overnight fix for your ranking issues. SEO takes time and when done correctly by a professional can yield some incredible results, such as higher ranking for relevant search queries and therefore increased sales.

What to expect from SEO in 2022

Page experience

Page experience has been a ranking factor on desktop for a while but was only introduced on mobile in 2021. Many assume that page experience is only related to page speed, but this is not true. This variable is measured using Core Web Vitals and considers things such as how long it takes for the website to load and how images are displayed. Optimising images and other content for the correct device can help to improve page experience.

Video content

We always say how important it is to vary the content that you are displaying on your website. If your site is full of text with no images, users are likely to lose interest. In the same way, if your website is full of images with little text, users are often unable to understand what your business can offer them. In 2022, it’s not just about using images on your website, many businesses are using videos which can be optimised for SEO purposes.

Artificial intelligence

It’s clear that devices are getting smarter on a regular basis and this offers even more benefits to your SEO. Artificial intelligence (AI) works with search engines to perform important algorithms such as Google’s BERT, which makes searching online easier. AI works by making the user’s life easier and displaying the most relevant information.

Link building

Link building remains a great way to improve your SEO. When completing these links, it’s important to ensure that the content is relevant to the phrase. If you’re building links externally, you also need to ensure that the links are being built on quality websites that do not appear as spam. If a website appears spam-like to a search engine, it will not be ranked highly on the results page.

Why should I use SEO?

SEO has continued to be a successful marketing tool for the last few years and it’s set to keep growing. If you’re still not using SEO on your website, now is definitely the time to consider it. Each element of SEO works independently however when combined can provide some really great results.

Utilising SEO tools correctly can help to improve your ranking, which can then lead to more meaningful traffic on your website and potentially more sales.

If your website is appearing lower down on the search engine results page, why not get in contact with us for some SEO support?