What to expect from Digital Marketing post lockdown


What to expect from Digital Marketing post lockdown

Over the last 12 months, we have seen rapid changes to many different industries. One industry which has seen a growth is the digital marketing industry. More and more businesses are choosing to use online platforms to promote their business to a wider audience, which is a great idea given the lack of face-to-face contact we have been contending with. This blog is what to expect from digital marketing post-lockdown.

At the beginning of the week, the Prime Minister held a conference in which he gave us more insight into the ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown in the UK. But what can we expect from this announcement for digital marketing?

Online VS in person sales

As the country prepares to live a more normal life again, it is very important that businesses ensure that they are prepared for what’s to come. While many shops are likely to see a large increase in customers visiting in person, there is also potential for some sales to remain online. This means that businesses will need to ensure that their website is secure, up to date and looks impressive. Over the past year, many people have become more comfortable with online shopping due to the restrictions that have been imposed.

Social media usage

As well as online sales, the rate in which individuals use social media platforms has also grown rapidly over the last year. This has meant that promoting products and services through social media posts has been successful for many businesses, as there has been more users online to see and share the posts. Social media is a great way to stay in contact with potential customers, as long as you’re posting meaningful content that provides value.

Contact your customers

There are many ways to contact your customers, however the most efficient way to reach them is through email marketing. Email marketing has been around for a long time and is one of the best forms of marketing. Make sure that you’re telling your customers what your plans are after the lockdown, whether that’s informing them about any changes you’ve made to be more covid secure or any deals you’ve got on the horizon. You’d be surprised how effective a reminder of your business can be.

Online advertising

Advertising has been affected throughout the lockdowns in the UK. When we begin living a more normal life, advertising is going to be very important for ensuring your business is reaching the right demographic. You can use specific targeting filters on platforms such as Facebook in order to reach the demographic you require. Advertising on these platforms means that you can set budgets to ensure that pricing limits are not exceeded. We can be fairly confident that advertising methods such as pay per click (PPC) will become more popular as businesses start to re open.

Post lockdown experiences are going to be different for many businesses. This is a time that we have all been patiently waiting for. If you need any support with any aspect of your digital marketing post lockdown, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re more than happy to help.