The importance of analytics, setting goals and conversion tracking


Goals are important, they are a key part of success. Using goals and tracking services means that you can clearly see the actions that your customers are taking on your website, such as clicking your call to action buttons and watching your videos. If you are interested in how your website is performing and how to grow your business then you should ensure that you are utilising an analytics tool. Today’s blog will outline the importance of analytics, setting goals and conversion tracking.


Many hosting packages include some basic website analytics, which can show you how many users are visiting your website. However, you should always invest some time into setting up more in depth analytics on your website.

There are many free and paid statistics tools that you can use, including: Google Analytics, JetPack, AW Stats, StatCounter. Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool, it is very widely used due to its accuracy and in depth abilities. Email reports are available from many analytics tools, which makes it even easier to track the success of your website.

So what can you track?

Using more in depth analytics tools means that you can track a range of factors on your website, such as:

  • How each user got onto your website
  • How much time each user spends on each page 
  • The actions that your users are taking 
  • The exact journey the user is on before they take action on your page
  • The number of actions completed within a specifically selected time frame
  • The location & gender of the user 
  • The browser that the user visited your site from

Using this data that your analytics have collected means that you can easily identify the areas of your website that you need to improve in order to grow your business. If you can see that all of your users are visiting one of your pages and leaving at the same point, then you should really consider revising the page. If your call to action button is not receiving as many clicks as it should be, consider making it more eye-catching to grab the user’s attention.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates are key to working out if your site’s content is actually performing well. The term ‘Conversion’ refers to the amount of people taking action directly from your page. Having traffic is one thing but having users taking action on your pages is what you really want. Through conversion rates you can identify the content that really interests your users, then you can create similar posts when you know what people want to read. Remember, more traffic doesn’t mean you’ll definitely have higher conversion rates, you need to create the right content to really interest your potential clients.


Be clear when you set your goals about what it is that you want to achieve. Be optimistic and confident. There are many types of goals that you can set regarding your business’ website, they can be specific to one page on your site or your whole site in general. The key to successful goal setting is to be specific.

When you’ve decided on your goals, you must set them up within your chosen analytics tool, you should be specific so that the tool can pick up the data accurately. Try to focus on just a few goals at once, work on the basics, so that you can improve your site effectively.

If you need any support with analytics or goal setting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.