Fylde Rugby Community Foundation

Fylde Rugby Community Foundation

The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation contacted us after deciding that they wanted to set up a new foundation. They wanted our help to ensure that the foundation had a high quality online presence. We organised a meeting to brainstorm ideas and to create a plan that was bespoke to them. During our meeting, we discussed their branding, which now includes landmarks from the Fylde area in a crest. 

After the Fylde Rugby Community Foundation were happy with the branding designs, we began working on their new website. Their website needed to clearly showcase the services that they have to offer, including sponsorship options and easy ways that people can donate. We carried over the colours from the branding to create a stylish and easy to use website. 

Since carrying out the development on their website, Complete are pleased to announce that we have officially become a tier 2 sponsor of the foundation. Read more about this here.

The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation aims to create a strong impression on the local community, through encouraging people of all ages and genders to play rugby. The Community Foundation shares their key values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship within their coaching sessions in schools. Working within schools means that more children have the opportunity to play sports such as rugby, while also feeling like part of the community.

26th August 2020