Lakelovers Gold

Lakelovers Gold

Lakelovers Gold contacted us wanting a refresh of their current website’s design. In order to complete their request we used PHP, Javascript and CSS to update the site’s appearance. We worked hard to improve the user experience for both their new and existing customers. Lakelovers Gold wanted their website to be easier to use. Improving the website’s user experience meant that we increased the site’s accessibility.

Complete amended the colour scheme previously used on the site, by changing the dark backgrounds to lighter ones. We also altered the fonts that were being used on the website, so that they were easier to read and fit in better with the new design.

Both Complete & Lakelovers Gold are very pleased with the outcome.

Lakelovers Gold offers a wide range of luxury cottages in many locations within the Lake District. They cater for everyone with family friendly options, and even dog friendly options.

6th December 2019