HeliSpeed Academy

HeliSpeed Academy

A website for HeliSpeed Academy, introducing a new concept.

The Problem The Solution
HeliSpeed Academy needed a new website, branding, prospectus design, photography, and film-making to showcase their brand new pilot training academy. Complete will collaborate with E6 Studios to achieve the requirements set by the client. 

The Challenge 

HeliSpeed Academy is a brand new company, offering aspiring helicopter pilots the chance to participate in training courses taught by highly skilled professionals. They saw a high demand in the market for helicopter pilots and decided to start up a training academy.

HeliSpeed Solutions is the parent company of HeliSpeed Academy, meaning that Complete had to make a clear differentiation between the two, but link them in other ways. They required a new website, branding, photography, prospectus design, and film-making. 

The Answer

We needed to create a website that was informative, easy to navigate around and professional. The website needed to be optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. With a high demand for helicopter pilots, their website needed to be impressive and catch the attention of each user fast. 

It takes a maximum of 15 seconds for someone to decide if they’re interested in a website. 

Complete decided it was time to collaborate with E6 Studios in order to provide HeliSpeed Academy with some of their other needs.

The Process

  • Research: We contacted HeliSpeed about what they wanted to achieve for the HeliSpeed Academy website. We researched the company’s brand guidelines and assessed how we could adapt these. 
  • Plan: We looked into different procedures that we could implement to ensure the client received what they needed and specifically researched a range of strategies for SEO. We planned to collaborate with E6 Studios in order to provide top quality photography and film-making.
  • Design: In order to conform to the brand guidelines of the parent company, we used recent web design trends and focused on colour schemes. This was done to create brand awareness for their future clients. 
  • Build: Complete then pitched their ideas to HeliSpeed Academy, they were impressed with the proposed ideas and therefore our talented web design team began creating the website. 
  • Review: Their website is now live, so we are currently monitoring the traffic and will continue to review this as time goes on.

The Results:

The HeliSpeed Academy website is now live and is currently performing very well on the search engine. The website is generating a lot of interest and business for HeliSpeed Academy already. 

The website is easy to use, impressive and optimised correctly. It’s fast and informative, which is exactly what the client required. The content on the website is all fresh and links to its parent company, HeliSpeed Solutions. 

Complete is now providing a full marketing package including social media management, SEO and hosting and maintenance to the website.

Next Steps

We will continue to monitor the traffic on the HeliSpeed website and continue to provide the academy with our social media management package, in order to maintain organic traffic. We will continue to use SEO to ensure relevant users are visiting the website. 

Work with Us

Over the last ten years, we’ve worked with over 200 businesses, designing websites that are not only imaginative but specifically tailored to our clients’ aims and objectives. Though we’ve worked with many Lancashire based companies to create bespoke web design solutions, we also cover all areas across the North West. If you’re interested in working with us on a project, please get in touch with our friendly team.

13th November 2019