Important SEO factors to consider in 2020


Search engine optimisation is key to your position on Google, therefore, it’s important that you understand the different elements that go into it. With the new year just around the corner, we thought we’d let you know some important factors of SEO that you should consider for your website in 2020. It’s important to understand the up-and-coming SEO trends so that your website can be adjusted accordingly. 

Important SEO factors to consider in 2020


In order to be in Google’s prime position a website must answer frequent common questions within its content. This is referred to as being ‘featured’ on Google. Google takes a snippet of information from your website and showcases it on the SERP for relevant searches. Featured snippets offer a clear and concise way of gaining information regarding your search, the snippet appears in position 0 on the Google search.

Voice Search 

Using your voice to navigate around the Internet is becoming more popular by the day, with phones and ‘voice assistant’ products on the market offering this feature. In order to stay current in 2020, you should consider having your website optimised for voice search as well as regular searches. Having a voice-optimised site may drive more organic traffic your way. 


As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, people are now more likely to view a website on their phone rather than a desktop, and the stats are only predicted to rise for this in 2020. This means that having a site that’s not optimised for mobiles could have detrimental effects on your website. Google has already released an algorithm that places sites that are optimised for mobile devices higher up on the SERP. By having a website that’s optimised for both desktop and mobile devices, you’ve got more chance of reaching more potential clients. 


Posting high-quality content on your website is a must. Blogging is set to be a rising trend in 2020, due to how easy blogs are to read. The aim of your site’s content is to answer the queries that people search on Google, and writing blogs is an easy and lighthearted way to answer those queries. It’s important to post fresh content regularly, as this will impact your SEO drastically. The desired length of website posts is also predicted to rise, people would prefer to get all of their answers from one post, rather than many. So again, it’s important to ensure that your content actually answers the questions of your target audience. 


Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) is essentially how Google ranks its websites. It’s been around since August 2018, and it takes some focus off using backlinks to boost your website’s authority. This means that the more reliable and credible your site is, the higher you will rank on the SERP. Google favours sites that are updated regularly and are secure. In 2020, you should take some time out to ensure that your website has fresh, relevant content that drives traffic to your site through queries. 


While E-A-T is hugely important, backlinks are still a fantastic way to improve your website’s SEO. Backlinks are created when another site links directly to yours, a great way to do this is to post blogs. When you post valuable content online, and your followers share, like or comment on your posts, they are potentially driving more traffic to your site. You should take time to research which social media channels are most popular with your target market and post on those accordingly. You should also create citations on various directories in order to increase your chances of organic traffic. 

We hope this blog has been useful regarding important SEO factors to consider. At Complete, we are always on hand to help with all of your SEO needs, and we’re more than happy to have a chat with you if you require any more information. Just get in touch.