How to grow your business using social media marketing


How to grow your business using social media marketing

A lot of businesses are always searching for new ways that they can grow their business. With the current Covid-19 pandemic and a lot of businesses having to shift online to accommodate sales, it’s really important that you are utilising all of the tools that are available to you. In today’s blog, we’re telling you how to grow your business using social media marketing. 

What is social media marketing? 

Social media marketing involves using social media channels to promote your business online. This can be through many types of content and can also include paid advertising through your chosen social media channel. The main social media channels that are being used currently are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Each of those platforms offer different benefits, whether that’s the audience that your business is exposed to or the type of content that you’re required to post. 

How can I grow my business using social media marketing? 

Paid advertising 

Paying a social media channel to advertise your business can be scary, you want to ensure that you are going to make a profit from the advertising. Social media platforms offer you the ability to create one time adverts with no obligation to create any more. You can add a specific budget based on how much you’re willing to spend, so you don’t need to worry about spending more money than you planned to. As well as this, you can set a time limit, so that your advert will stop being shown to your target audience whenever you want it to. This means you have a lot of control over the advertisement, which is really useful. 

Target the right demographic 

Using the paid advertising that is available to you via social media platforms means that you have access to a large number of targeting criteria. For example, on Facebook, you can easily target specific age groups, locations, job titles and many other demographics. This means that you can be confident that your content is reaching its intended audience, which should lead to more sales for your business. 

Website traffic 

A lot of the time, businesses forget that they can use different platforms to promote various areas of their business. For example, you can use your social media channels to promote the blog page on your website. This can really help to increase the organic traffic on your website. In order to potentially create leads, you must ensure that the content on your blog is of high quality and is actually interesting. 

Content selection 

Choosing the right content to post to your target audience is key for a successful online presence. You need to create content that educates your audience and encourages them to purchase from your business. Try to ensure that your posts don’t sound too salesy, you need to ensure that you have a range of different content to ensure that your audience doesn’t get bored. Remember, your followers are choosing to see your content, you need to keep them engaged. 

Track your progress

This is very important when you’re trying to grow your business. In order to see growth, you must track your progression. You should be tracking the interactions on your posts as well as your website content, especially if you’re using social media to direct people to your blog. Most social platforms will offer basic analytics, but there are also online tools that you can use to enhance your analytical data. This will provide you with a lot of data, including the demographic that is mostly interacting with your content. 

The finer details 

There are a couple of extra tips that you can use to ensure that your posts are reaching a wide audience. Headings are very important, they should be concise, catchy and relevant to the content you are posting. It’s also very important to use hashtags where you can, choose carefully as a popular platform, Instagram, only allows up to 30 hashtags per post.

If you would like any advice on growing your business using social media marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us. If your business is not on social media yet, check out this blog: Get your business started on social media.