Eleven Sports Media

Eleven Sports Media’s website refresh and SEO campaign sees them rise to the top.


The Problem

The Solution

Eleven Sports Media required a new website to replace their old, outdated one. Their previous website was not exhibiting any new products and services that they have to offer. The website was not ranking well on Google.To build a website that offered fresh content and clearly shows what Eleven Sports Media have to offer. To research keywords in order to drive relevant traffic through SEO and get the website ranking highly on Google.

The Challenge

Eleven Sports Media are specialists in sports sponsorship solutions and digital content platforms at UK sports venues and stadiums. They have assisted some of the biggest sports brands in launching their marketing campaigns to more than half a million fans every weekend. 

The old website was not showcasing all of their products and services, so it was important that these were included on the new website. They required extensive keyword research and SEO implementation to help their website rank better on Google.

Today, keyword research is much more than finding the “right” keywords and putting them into “right” places.

A signature colour for your brand boosts brand recognition by 80%

The Answer

Complete would design an attractive website that showcased all of their marketing successes. It needed to be informative and utilise the colours of their existing brand to ensure brand recognition across all of their platforms. 

We needed to provide an SEO strategy to rank the business better on Google and drive a high level of organic, relevant traffic through the website. Keywords relating to the company needed to be researched in order to offer the most effective SEO.

The Process

  • Research: Complete contacted Eleven Sports Media to work out the requirements for their new website. We began researching ways in which we could give the website a whole new look and update its content. We started researching keywords to assist with SEO and get the website listed higher on Google.
  • Plan: We carefully researched the best strategies that would lead to more business and traffic for Eleven Sports Media. Complete worked alongside Eleven’s in-house design team to come up with a clean design.
  • Design: Next, we used current and relevant design trends to ensure an informative website. It was important that it was well built and worked just how the client wanted it to.
  • Build: Our client was happy with the proposed design, so our skilled web development team began building.
  • Review: The website is now ranking highly on Google. The SEO strategy that Complete are implementing is clearly working well.

Complete’s SEO campaign has enabled Eleven Sports Media to rank highly on Google. Traffic on the website has increased drastically and the company now has the opportunity to work with even bigger sports brands.

Their modern website now allows new clients to see the fantastic work they’ve carried out and the newest products and services that Eleven Sports Media have to offer.

Check out their new website here – eleven.tv

The overall results have been excellent:

Traffic has seen a big increase.

The website is ranking on page 1 for several national key phrases

“A fantastic team. Covering everything from SEO, digital marketing to web design. Complete have looked after every aspect of our business with great customer care.”

Eleven Sports Media

Next Steps

Our work with Eleven Sports Media isn’t over, we continue to run an incredibly successful SEO campaign for them to maintain their high ranking on Google. We have also recently created club specific Facebook and LinkedIn PPC ad campaigns.

Work with Us

Over the last ten years, we’ve worked with over 200 businesses, designing websites that are not only imaginative but specifically tailored to our clients’ aims and objectives. Though we’ve worked with many Lancashire based companies to create bespoke web design solutions, we also cover all areas across the North West. If you’re interested in working with us on a project, please get in touch with our friendly team.