5 ways to increase conversion rates


Many business owners find that their conversion rates are lower than they expect, there are various reasons for this and also many ways to improve your conversion rate. This blog is 5 ways to increase conversion rates.

What is a conversion rate?

A conversion rate is essentially the process of a user visiting your site and completing the intended action. This can come from website clicks via the search engine or from social media posts. Depending on what it is that your business sells, this could be through adding items to a basket and checking out or using call to actions to contact your business.

Your conversion rate can be calculated easily by considering the number of people who took the action and dividing this by the number of people who visited the site. This can be converted to a percentage to give you a conversion rate.

There are a number of reasons why you may have a poor conversion rate, even if you know that your products and services are good. One reason could be that your website is not providing value, this may be through lack of information or a poor website experience. Ensuring that your website is easy to use is important, especially when trying to gain new customers.

You will know yourself that if you visit a website that doesn’t work properly or is displaying as not secure, you probably won’t stay to make a purchase. You’re not alone in that, in fact most people will also leave. These issues are easy to fix and therefore you should really make the effort to sort them out.

How to increase the conversion rate on your website

There are a number of ways that you can try to improve the conversion rate on your website, many businesses choose to try a few different methods to achieve the best results. It is worth remembering that when it comes to conversion rates, there is no set method that suits all businesses, your success depends on a huge number of factors.

A quality website

Above many factors, a nice looking website can really help you to drive more sales and achieve a higher conversion rate. A quality website can be described as one which has a positive user journey and has a mix of content available. Your content should be informative and include a range of text, images and possibly videos too. Your website is a great way to share the essence of your business so you’ll want to do a good job. A good user experience can include using links and a clear navigation.

Call to actions

Call to actions are well known for improving the user experience on your website, they help to drive users to exactly where you want them to go. That’s exactly why they can help you to improve your conversion rates, if you’re selling products then send users directly to your shop from your homepage. If you provide services then you may need to send users to a contact form, which can also easily be achieved with a call to action button.

Contact forms

You could have a contact form on your website for various reasons, and when valuable information is provided, they’re a great way to measure a conversion rate. If you are noticing that most people are not taking the time to complete your contact form, one reason could be that it’s too long. Another reason could be that your site provides people with all the information they need and therefore they can make a purchase without requiring any extra information.

Security factors

We mentioned the importance of website security earlier and if you’re wanting to increase your conversion rates, you should really ensure that your website is secure. Users are not going to want to add their payment information to a site that they do not trust. A great way to ensure security on your site is to add an SSL certificate, which will display a padlock icon in the URL bar, showing that your site is secure.

Payment methods

People have many usernames and passwords to remember, so sometimes having the option to login through another platform, pay via a different method or even a guest checkout can encourage users to make a purchase. A guest checkout is easy to implement and still gives customers the opportunity to create an account at a later date.

We’d recommend implementing a range of methods to increase your conversion rate and keeping in mind that it can take time to see results. If you need any further advice regarding how to increase conversion rates, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help.