4 ways a website audit can provide value


4 ways a website audit can provide value

Website audits are incredibly useful for businesses that are wanting to find out which areas of their website are performing to a high standard. A website audit is concerned with search engine optimisation (SEO), which has a huge impact on the ranking position of your site. In this blog we’re telling you 4 ways a website audit can provide value.

What is a website audit?

A website audit allows you to find out exactly how well your site can be found on the search engines. You’ll also gain valuable insight into the levels of traffic on specific pages of your site. Through having access to this information, you can implement various changes throughout your site based on real data. If you can see that some pages are not performing as well as others, you can make time to focus on these pages specifically rather than the whole site.

A good quality website audit will have many focus points, meaning that you will gain access to a lot of information. Some points that may be included are –

So how can a website audit provide value?

Overall site improvements

Website audits can be very in depth and can include information such as when there are duplicate meta descriptions and titles, which could be negatively impacting your site’s SEO and therefore making your site rank lower on the search engines. As well as this, you will gain access into what works well for your customer base. With information such as this, you can make useful changes to the pages that really need it, rather than focusing on the whole website.

Keyword research

One of the first steps towards working on your search engine optimisation is finding out the keywords that your business might be able to rank for. You should ensure that you spend time on this as it will be extremely helpful going forwards. Having access to a good quality website audit means that you can see the keywords that your site is actually ranking for and then you can decide if they are relevant to your business. It’s important to ensure that your keywords are relevant as search engines will penalise sites that don’t provide value for the search query.

Refresh your SEO

SEO has always been important, but with search engines introducing new ranking factors frequently, it’s more important than ever. Having a website audit completed every once in a while means that you can be confident that any old SEO practices have been refreshed.

Find out what works

Having your site checked over isn’t always about finding the negatives and what isn’t working. Sometimes it’s about having access to what is working so that similar practices can be implemented across the rest of your website. A website audit focuses on your whole site, so it’s normal to see that some areas are working better than others.

Deciding to have a website audit completed requires very little from you, all that is needed is a link to your website. At Complete, we have been completing audits for a number of years, so we know all the important information that needs to be included to create a bespoke and helpful guide. All of our audits are free and you can request further advice on how to implement any changes if necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or if you’d like a website audit to be completed, we’re happy to help.